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Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning System to a Customer Relationship Management Software


There are many renowned platforms for customer relationship management. Customer-centric companies put the needs of their customers at the forefront of all their operations. Customers from time to time will require the companies they buy products and services from to extend to them services that foster their business relationship. Some of the key services that any customer-centric company should offer to its customers include sales tailored to the specific needs of a customer, customer support, personalized marketing and others.


A customer relationship management software offers applications that can be used by companies of all sizes. Using such software has been known to help companies to find and gain more potential customers in an easy way. It has also been known to help companies to ensure customer satisfaction and thus retain more customers as well getting insights into the exact needs of your customers.


Customer-centric companies are also faced with a need to Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite software to manage their resources. Such a software is called an enterprise resource planning system. A good enterprise resource planning system should allow the companies to manage all their major business processes in just one system. Such systems should also help the company to manage their customer relationship management systems.


For the enterprise resource planning systems and the customer relationship management systems to communicate, there is a need for an agreed standard of communication to be established between the two systems. The channel of communication established between the two systems will necessitate the use of connectors. Several connectors exist that connect customer relationship management systems to enterprise resource planning systems such as Excel connectors, JSON connectors, and many others. The aim of a connector is to facilitate date interchange between the two systems.


Connectors are made in such a way that they pass data from one system to the other in a format the two systems can understand. The process of adding connectors to existing systems is called integration. Integration is important since it saves the company the need to have to acquire a different system. Let us look at this further. Assuming a customer orders a printer from a company. The customer sends an order to the celigo company. This order is maintained in the customer relationship management software. The number of printers in stock are, however, stored in the enterprise resource planning system. When the order is processed in the other system, we need to find a way of indicating a decrease of stock in the other system. This process could require we hire a data input person. This is a cost. To avoid this cost, however, we could use a connector that will automatically update the resource planning system once we the order is processed by the customer management software.